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Chanukah Gateway

The History of Chanukah
Israel and Judea; The Assyrians and the Samaritans; The Babylonians, and their Successors, the Persians; Judea Under the Greek Empire; The Sadducees and the Hellenisers; Who Were the Pharisees? Antiochus the Syrian-Greek; The Hasmoneans; Their Victory; Rededication of the Holy Temple; The Jar of Oil; What the Celebration is and what it isn't.

The Meaning of Chanukah
Why did the Sages institute the Holiday of Chanukah? Who Established Chanukah? Is the message the same for everyone? When does Chanukah End? Why Eight Days?

Is Chanukah Jewish in Origin?
Was Chanukah created in imitation of the Gentile winter candle-lighting festival?

The Customs of Chanukah and their Meanings
What Are Latkes And Why Do We Eat Them? What is a Dreidel? How Do I Play the Game of Dreidel? What is Chanukah Gelt? What is the Custom Regarding Chanukah Gifts? What are some of the meanings attached to the number 36? What Other Meanings does the Word "Chanukah" have?

The Courage of the Women
Channah and her Seven Sons; The Story of Yehudis; Why women may not work during the first half hour that the Chanukah Lights burn; Why some people eat dairy foods during Chanukah.

Lighting the Menorah
The Ritual of Lighting the Menorah; The Songs of Lighting the Menorah; The Laws of Lighting the Menorah.

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